Application Instructions

Organic Garden Company

You can apply tea with a watering can, hose end or broadcast sprayer or through an irrigation system. 

I recommend spraying the leaves of plants, mulched areas and as high on the trees as you can.

Dilute the tea at an 8:1 ratio (water to tea) 32 oz will cover 1000 to 2000 sq ft. Will depend on surface area.


Cut Flowers – Add 2 oz. of diluted tea once to vase of cut flowers

Tropical Plants – Pour  2-3 oz. of diluted PuriTea to 6-8” diameter pot every other week during scheduled  watering. 

Outdoors – Begin outdoor applications when soil temperature reaches 40 degrees.

Outdoor Containers – Before planting, mix  2-3 oz. of diluted Bio-Tea to soil.   Add weekly or bi-weekly during growing season.

Perennials – Begin applications when flower buds begin to show.

Lawns and Landscape – Apply 16-32 oz. of per 1000 sq. ft. with a clean hose-end sprayer (water/tea ratio 8:1 or broadcast sprayer canister making sure to water your yard afterwards, (before or right after a rain works well too,) once to twice a month during growing season. Square footage depends on the amount of trees and shrubs you have. I highly recommend spraying all flowering and unhealthy trees and shrubs too.

Compost – Mix 6 oz. of diluted Bio-Tea to stimulate your compost pile whenever you feel like it.

Crops – Broadcast spray or fertigate .25-.5 gal per acre during normal fertilization schedule.