Ready to Use Compost Tea

Brewed, strained and ready to apply. Dilute the tea at an 8:1 ratio (water to tea) before applying

Ready-to-Use compost tea derived from worm casting compost, mined Alaskan peat, crab meal and kelp. This unique blend contains billions of naturally occurring beneficial bacteria, microbial spores, amino acids, plant enzymes, rare earth minerals, kelp & marine extracts, and humic/fulvic acids.

When added to your soil as a drench and/or foliar spray, soil life increases and provides balanced fertility for your plants.
FYI – Crab Meal is a by-product of the crab meat industry and adds life to soil by providing food for microorganisms, especially a protein called chitin. Chitin provides not only slow-release nitrogen but also suppresses pest nematode activity.

Apply to lawns, new starts, cut flowers, fruit and vegetable gardens, indoor plants, landscape plants, fruit trees, compost piles, outdoor container plants, sports fields, golf courses, and crops without adverse effects to people, pets and wild life.
Quit chemicals cold turkey.

32 oz
  • Covers 1000 sq ft
64 oz
  • Covers 2000 sq ft


Cut Flowers – Add 2 oz. of diluted tea once to vase of cut flowers

Tropical Plants – Pour  2-3 oz. of diluted PuriTea to 6-8” diameter pot every other week during scheduled  watering. 

Outdoors – Begin outdoor applications when soil temperature reaches 40 degrees.

Outdoor Containers – Before planting, mix  2-3 oz. of diluted Bio-Tea to soil.   Add weekly or bi-weekly during growing season.

Perennials – Begin applications when flower buds begin to show.

Lawns and Landscape – Apply 16-32 oz. of per 1000 sq. ft. with a clean hose-end sprayer (water/tea ratio 8:1 or broadcast sprayer canister making sure to water your yard afterwards, (before or right after a rain works well too,) once to twice a month during growing season. 

Compost – Mix 6 oz. of diluted Bio-Tea to stimulate your compost pile whenever you feel like it.

Crops – Broadcast spray or fertigate .25-.5 gal per acre during normal fertilization schedule. If you have any questions, please email me anytime

Happy Gardening

1 gallon
$ 45
  • covers 4,000 sq ft

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