Concentrated Compost Tea

Organic Garden Company

Good soil biology is the building block of good soil structure. This, in turn, creates passages for air and water, loosens compacted soil and makes nutrients more available to plant life.

Perfect for the small farmer! Sweeten your soil folks!

1 gallon
  • 32,000 sq ft after brewing
5 gallon
  • 160,000 sq ft after brewing

FYI- Aerating diluted Bio-Tea increases its effectiveness by helping the spores develop into a microbes faster. A simple way to do this is with an aquarium pump. Make sure you use buckets and sprayers that haven’t been used with chemicals! Pour the concentrate into a container, dilute 1:10 tea/water, add the pump and diffuser and brew. Brewing up to 18 hours creates a higher pH as the bacterial element takes over. On the other hand, brewing up to 24 hours creates a lower pH as the fungal element takes over.