Landscape Design Portfolio

After designing gardens for twenty-five years, my focus now is solely on native plantings. Natives are low-maintenance and attract beneficial insects which in turn attract wildlife.  I see this in my yard all year long.

This is my first all-native garden design and installation in 2009.  A lot of time went into research and ordering plants that weren’t readily available either. The plan allows for birds to enjoy the fall berries of the serviceberry and viburnum.

First all native garden

Native sun garden design for a Montessori school in Chicago.


This design is called “native options”.  It pits standard nursery finds against native plants.  Fortunately, these natives are easy to find in the southeast.  

Native Choices Garden Design

Stonework and Gardens

Whenever possible, I encouraged my clients to use natural stone in lieu of prefabricated blocks.  Most agreed…

Garden Designs

The following are just a few examples of my designs. After looking at my plant choices, I still had a lot to learn about native plants.

Seasonal Planters

 Natives are now the centerpiece of my planters mixed with old-fashioned types of annuals to attract pollinators!

a few before and after pictures

A few gardens I designed and/or tended

The Ever-Changing Garden

This garden was designed and installed in 2006.  My client had wonderful taste.  Afterwards, I tended it until 2019, two years after I moved to Atlanta.  My client didn’t have a budget and just let me do my thing.  

Annuals were changed seasonally.  I especially enjoyed Christmas decor.

fall annuals