Compost Tea Applications

Compost Tea

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Did you know most garden issues can be solved by strenghtening your soil? Compost tea does just that by literally adding life to your soil in the form of billions of microbes.  My compost tea comes from an Alaskan humisoil concentrate that is brewed and refrigerated until it’s ready to use. 

We come to your house and spray compost on your lawn and landscape throughout the season (just like the chemical fertilizing companies) or you can purchase brewed compost tea and have it delivered to your door. 

We also sell concentrated compost tea for those that want to do it yourself.  This saves you from tending a compost pile in your yard.


Compost Tea Applications

up to 2000 sq ft = $65 per application 

3 applications per year package – $180 ($60 per)

6 applications per year package – $330 ($55 per)

up to 4000 sq ft = $85 per application, 6 applications per year, $475

up to 6000 sq ft = $105 per application, 6 applications per year, $595

3-6 Treatments per Year

Recommended for yards NEVER treated with synthetic fertilizers

6-10 Treatments per Year

Recommended for yards treated with synthetic fertilizers

Native Plant Design and Installation

With twenty-five years experience in landscape design, my focus now is solely on native plantings. Natives are low-maintenance, attract beneficial insects and are needed more now than ever before.  Whether you need a completely new design or just additions of native plants, we can help.

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This is my first all-native garden design and installation in 2009.  A lot of time went into research and ordering plants that weren’t readily available either. The plan allows for birds to enjoy the fall berries of the serviceberry and viburnum.

This design is called “native options”.  It pits standard nursery finds against native plants.  Fortunately, these natives are easy to find in the southeast.  

Native Choices Garden Design

Native sun garden design for a Montessori school in Chicago.


Schedule a consultation if you have questions about what to plant and where; you have water issues and are not sure how to fix them; or a garden problem that needs a solution.  

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