About Me

About Me My passion for landscaping was influenced by my mom’s love of flowers.  At 15, I started planting annuals for mother’s day.  At 25,

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granite dump

First Stone Run

July 22, 2018…the first stone run An area right off the carport was always wet and everything always sunk, squishing in the mud, not to

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Louisiana Iris

My Garden

transforming my garden Not only was this yard covered in invasive English ivy but Japanese and Chinese privet.  Notice the ivy growing up the trees

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spraying compost tea

Organic Lawn Care

How to organically treat your lawn and landscape… If your here and reading this, I don’t have to tell you the importance of organic lawn

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weeping yaupon holly

Mother’s Day 2021

This mother’s day, I added a weeping yaupon holly… A brief history of my landscape. My husband, who I married a few years ago, has

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