Organic Garden Company

What We Do

Here at Organic Garden Company, we offer compost tea for the small farmer and homeowner. We also offer lawn and garden care by fertilizing with compost tea and organic nutrients.

Concentrated Compost Tea

3 Different Sizes to Fit Your Needs

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Ready-To-Use Compost Tea

Brewed, Strained and Bottled

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Organic Lawn Care

Using Compost Tea and Organic Nutrients, Herbicides and Insecticides

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Why You’ll Love Us

There is never been a better time to go green. We encourage the methods of the past to be used now and in the future

  • Safe for EVERYONE in your family
  • Adds life to your soil, literally
  • Sustainable
  • Healthy
  • Cost effective

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  • Does your soil need minerals?
    Soil is a mixture of minerals, hummus, air and water and microbes. The soil needs pretty much what we need to be healthy. Minerals make up almost 40% to 45% of the total of all the soil components and are […]
  • Eco-friendly Landscape Design
    Yes, there’s such a thing. Planting natives attract your local birds, butterflies, frogs, beneficial insects and more! Eco-Friendly Design Basics When designing a garden, look around for any water issues you may have. If you do, create a rain garden! […]
  • Thanks For Your Interest
    Just reading this means you’re at least interested in what organic lawn care is all about. In the following months, I will be taking pictures of my yard and it’s progress.

Organic Garden Company 1649 Anita Place NE, ATL suzy@organicgardenco.com

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