You’ve come to the right place to learn about organic lawn and garden care and I encourage everyone to do this yourself.

My interest in native plants started when working in Chicago. The Morton Arboretum and Chicago Botanical Gardens sounded the alarm on two very invasive species; Japanese Barberry and Burning Bush. Not much information on what to choose instead was out there, so the trial and error began. 

A good goal is to reach about 80% native species which is what I’m well on my way to doing.  Why are non-natives still offered in every nursery and why ivy is still being sold is beyond me.

Check out my blog as it takes on the evolution of my yard and how it’s naturally tended.  It’s only been in my hands for a little over four years and I still have a ton to do. What used to be an ivy-covered backyard is now being transformed into a natural setting for wildlife to flourish.

I brew compost tea and spray or pour it all over my yard and plants. Adding compost tea literally adds life to your soil. Soil microbes have their own agenda and it’s up to us to give them all the help we can. Click here to learn more.

granite dump
First Stone Run

July 22, 2018…the first stone run An area right off the carport was always wet and everything always sunk, squishing in the mud, not to

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Louisiana Iris
My Garden

transforming my garden Not only was this yard covered in invasive English ivy but Japanese and Chinese privet.  Notice the ivy growing up the trees

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spraying compost tea
Organic Lawn Care

How to organically treat your lawn and landscape… If your here and reading this, I don’t have to tell you the importance of organic lawn

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weeping yaupon holly
Mother’s Day 2021

This mother’s day, I added a weeping yaupon holly… A brief history of my landscape. My husband, who I married a few years ago, has

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