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Louisiana Iris in my bog

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transforming my garden

Not only was this yard covered in invasive English ivy but Japanese and Chinese privet.  Notice the ivy growing up the trees in the background, if not removed, it will cover the crown and kill the tree.


After the ivy was mowed down about three times, barren slopes were calling for some color. 

daffs and azaleas

I wasn’t a fan of the layout of the millions of azaleas in the front so in late 2017, I moved the red azaleas to the back slope and planted daffs and hyacinths.  Waste of money…

How horrible is this?

front yard azaleas
front yard azaleas
front yard azaleas

Looks a lot different now


This area was wet and mostly shady. I moved some hosta, hellebore and elephant ears from the north.  It was a little too wet for the hosta and hellebore but the elephant ear is gigantic now.  

While visiting some friends near Athens, they took us to a granite graveyard where granite scraps are aplenty and free.  My yard took a turn for the better at this point.  I’ve built stone walls and patios for over 10 years at this point.  Now, I can do it for myself and I couldn’t wait.


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