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First Stone Run

July 22, 2018...the first stone run

An area right off the carport was always wet and everything always sunk, squishing in the mud, not to mention the mess that tracked into the house. All I needed was some stone…

We were visiting our friends in Ila, GA, near Athens, and they said, “Hey, we have this scrap stone yard you have to see.” My eyes lit up…let’s go! 

We came home with a few hundred pounds of native Georgia granite flagstone.  Apparently, Georgia granite is used to make most of the gravestones in the country and is home to many quarries.  The tombstone makers use what they need then dump it, piles of excellent pieces. 

We picked up these pieces on our first stone run, July 22, 2018, almost a year after I moved to Atlanta.

1st stone run
flagstone patio

If you look to the space above the stone you can see a large pit.  Here I dug up about 12 inches of clay and filled it with clean granite fill which is pretty easy to find at all the landscape supplies stores.

Then I laid down heavy-duty landscape fabric on top.  This allows water to fill in the spaces and prevents the granite sand from falling through.  I like to make French drains where ever I can. 

I still had quite a few issues to deal with but this extended the carport for now and my loveseat wasn’t getting water damaged.

Still, I wasn’t in love…

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