You can apply tea using a watering can, hose end or broadcast sprayer or through an irrigation system.  (The tea has been strained but if you’re running it through an irrigation system, strain it again.) Also, remember to run clean water through your sprayer when you finish. That way the remaining tea doesn’t dry and clog your sprayer.  Don’t forget to spray the leaves of plants, mulched areas and as high on the trees as possible.

Using a hose-end sprayer has been the most efficient method for me on lawns and landscapes.  

Make sure it’s never been used with synthetics so it’s best to buy new.  Also, look for one that has a dial that allows an 8 oz ratio.

Dilute the tea at an 8:1 ratio (water to tea) 32 oz will cover 1000 to 2000 sq ft. (dependent on surface area.)

spraying compost tea


tea application via watering can

Cut Flowers – Add 2 oz. of diluted tea once to vase of cut flowers

Tropical and Potted Plants – Fill your gallon watering can with water and add  4-6 oz. of compost tea and add to your watering schedule every other week.

Outdoors: Begin outdoor applications when soil temperature reaches 40 degrees.

Perennials – Begin applications when flower buds begin to show.

Lawns and Landscape – Apply 16-32 oz. of per 1000 sq. ft. with a clean hose-end sprayer (water/tea ratio 8:1 or broadcast sprayer canister making sure to water your yard afterwards, (before or right after a rain works well too,) once to twice a month during growing season. Square footage depends on the amount of trees and shrubs you have. I highly recommend spraying all flowering and unhealthy trees and shrubs too.

Compost – Mix 6 oz. of diluted Bio-Tea to stimulate your compost pile whenever you feel like it.

Crops – Broadcast spray or fertigate .25-.5 gal per acre during normal fertilization schedule.