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Does your soil need minerals?

Soil is a mixture of minerals, hummus, air and water and microbes. The soil needs pretty much what we need to be healthy. Minerals make up almost 40% to 45% of the total of all the soil components and are classified into primary and secondary.

Minerals provide the plant good nutrition, just like we need, for a healthy life and growth. These minerals are absorbed from the soil via the roots of the plants and trees (which is where microbes do their magic.) The two most important plant needs are nitrate and magnesium. Nitrate is the main source of amino acids which are the main ingredient required to make proteins. Magnesium is essential in the production of chlorophyll which allows photosynthesis. If your soil lacks these essential minerals, you’ll notice stunted growth, yellowing leaves and weak blooms.

The best alternative to the standard commercial synthetic fertilizers (Miracle-Gro) is biofertilizers. As opposed to chemical fertilizers they naturally nourish the soil with all the essential minerals and microbes. Besides compost tea, which of course i use and brew, bone and blood meal are key.

Nutritious Bone and Blood Meal

bone and blood meal
blood and bone meal

Three years ago, I got married and moved to Atlanta to a house, with a garden that was pretty much neglected for 20 years. After mowing all the ivy, I started to move plants around and bring in new plants to create my foundation. Well, honestly, everything looked terrible, weak flowers, weak branches, yellowing flowers, you name it. I sprayed compost tea so far about six times but I couldn’t tell the difference. Then it dawned on me. This soil is starving! So in June, I decided to buy some bone and blood meal, mix it in my handheld spreader and away i went.

What are blood and bone meal? Well, blood meal is made from dried slaughterhouse blood and bone meal is made from yes, you guessed it, the bones of slaughterhouse animals. I know this may sound gross but both are full of minerals, vitamins and fatty acids. Sound familiar? So take care of your soil like you take care of yourself and you’ll plants will love you forever.

I’m going to do another round in the fall and again in the spring and again until i see my plants thrive. Healthy soils makes for happy plants!

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